Construction can be called an industry of knowledge and intellectual value. Instead of the natural objects or objects visible to the eye, the unseen knowledge and the application of knowledge are the main focus of today’s construction industry. Intellectual value in construction is important especially in solving economic and technological problems but there are limitations in creation and production. Therefore, in most cases it can be considered that demand for technology is larger than the supply. Bradford’s approach to Technology training the increasing of intellectual value in construction is more than just training, but training certainly is an integral part of the approach. Technology training involves:

  • Identification of individual user needs (via questionnaires, focus groups, market research, and direct contact,)
  • Implementation of findings with curriculum development, on-site training and technology training
  • Information exchange (via newsletters, manuals, videos, training courses, demonstrations, direct technical assistance, software, etc.)
  • Measurement of Effectiveness (Knowledge / Competence)
  • Measure Benefits (Economic, Skills, Project performance)
  • Feedback concerning problems identified suggestions for improvement, etc..

Bradford has been providing Training and mentoring programs for City and State agencies since 1993.Bradford consistently reaches out to broaden the number of firms that can take advantage of training by utilizing the following methods:

  • Maintaining an active role in professional associations dedicated to the advancement of construction
  • Lecturing at universities, New York City Small Business Services offices, the New York City School Construction Authority (NYCSCA) offices and other associations on topics including technology, project management, bidding strategies, cash flow and preconstruction.
  • Serving as construction manager and mentor for the NYCSCA Mentor Program,
  • Providing construction training for the NYCEDC
  • Providing construction training for the NYCSBS
  • Maintaining extensive databases for New York agencies and companies.
  • Attending and exhibiting at events,

Bradford, one of New York’s well-known women business enterprise (WBE) construction managers is the has a single-source consulting team capable of developing, implementing, administering and teaching technology





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