Field laser scanning creates a measured building survey.

Bradford utilizes the most advanced and revolutionary electronic measurement and layout technology to redefine how the construction industry creates as-built drawings or layout work for the construction process. Similar to how GPS navigates users over a map, our technology navigates users from any point on any CAD drawing or BIM model to the exact field location, with laser-sharp accuracy. It is the evolutionary bridge between computer-aided design and construction that the industry has long needed.

Design / Construction Benefits

  • Studies & Construction Layout
  • Faster & More Accurate Decision Making
  • Risk Management & Quality Control
  • Maintain Construction Schedule
  • Control Drawing Version Management
  • Complete Audit Train
  • Conflict Identification Tool
  • Facilitate execution of the most complicated layout jobs
  • Document As-built conditions and create drawings in real time


  As Built Studies  
  • Pre-Design Existing Conditions Study
  • Measure and model existing space and structures
  • Create and deliver dimensionally accurate 2D or 3D CAD drawings or models automatically into CAD as measurements are taken in the field
  • Topographical study - Floor FL (flatness and levelness) Study
  Deviation Study
  • Pre-Construction, Construction, Comparison, Coordination & Verification
  • Overlay and graphically compare actual field conditions in 2D or 3D to existing base drawings, proposed design or engineering drawings within CAD
  • Align and test proposed design layout in the field and make necessary changes prior to construction
  • Avoid change orders, RFIs, and construction delays
  Construction Layout
  • Construction Layout & Navigation
  • Navigation, layout, surveying, coordination, monitoring, reporting, and documentation
  • Select any coordinate in a CAD document or a BIM model and navigate a user to the exact location
  • Layout 4 to 10 times faster than conventional methods. Easily layout complex shapes and curves
  Forensics Study
  • Construction and Post-Construction As-Built Study and Verification
  • Document and audit construction accuracy
  • Forensic and Expert Witness services
  Dimensional Quality Control & Risk Mitigation
  • Project-wide measurement standards
  • Establish Permanent Reference Stations - Perimeter Control
  • Deliver accurate measurements of existing or newly constructed structures to the AEC team
  • Align and test proposed design layout in the field
  • Transfer CAD accuracy to the field; mitigate risk with the assurance of a precise layout





Technology Services


Digital Measurement
/ Laser Scanning

Mobile Services

Building Information
Modeling (BIM)

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