Bradford Technologies is the technology-centered component of Bradford Construction Corporation’s services.  It is focused on developing and implementing some of the latest innovations and uses of electronic, digital and software technology, with the express purpose of providing training in and assistant with the use of these technologies to the minority- and women-owned and small business enterprise (MWSBE) community of contractors.

Bradford Construction Corporation has partnered with Verizon Wireless, cell phone and data service provider, and Theometrics, provider of a digital measurement and layout system, in association with Vela Systems, provider of mobile access to construction documents and reporting from the field, to create Bradford Technologies.

Bradford Technologies is the platform provided by this new partnership that delivers a more technological approach to managing construction projects, and allows the entire project management process to Go Mobile.

This consortium of advanced technology providers is a strategic alliance to help MWSBEs effectively employ technological advances in construction and make technology a mainstay of the contractor’s new “toolbelt.”

The technology solutions proffered by Bradford Technologies are applications that connect the office to the field for easier, cost-effective and efficient project management.  They include software and systems created for in-field control and oversight of a project, electronic digital equipment for field surveys that can be uploaded to software, along with a technology-supported information management structure for quick and easy access to project plans and specifications.




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