Bradford Construction Corporation is working closely with its partners Verizon Wireless and Theometrics, along with Vela Systems, to deliver the technology that will enable contractors to manage projects faster and better from the field.

Bradford’s “Go Mobile” package is an assortment of hardware and software created to be effectively employed by remote devices (iPads, smart phones, etc.), and that allows contractors and project manages to exploit the potentials that technological innovations and implementation are bringing to the construction industry.

Verizon Wireless and its own partners have developed products and solutions designed specifically to address challenges faced by the construction industry, and which help improve mobile resource management and allow monitoring and management of field assets and set-up of mobile job sites quickly and efficiently.  Verizon Wireless operates the nation's largest 4G LTE network and largest, most reliable 3G network.  Therefore Bradford’s “Go Mobile” service, especially designed for the needs of MWSBE, has the communications infrastructure support to deliver dependable performance.

Bradford’s collaboration with Verizon Wireless ensures that the requisite level of communication and data service needed for an unfailing “Go Mobile” package of software applications are supported by the latest in 4G wireless technology on a robust and reliable network.
Theometrics provides a proprietary technology package titled Architectural Navigation that digitizes the process of construction measurement by replacing strings and tape measures with computer-controlled equipment and precision laser tools.  The result is quick assembly of measurement figures with speedy uploads and viewing of critical construction data and models via Bradford’s “Go Mobile” service.

Vela Systems supplies field management software for construction.  Unlike carrying pads of paper and tubes of drawings on the jobsite, Vela Systems combines mobile technologies like the iPad at the point of construction with web-based reporting for management.  Vela’s software enables contractors and project managers to put programs in place for quality management (including QA/QC and punchlisting), safety management, field BIM™, electronic commissioning and handover to owners, and to make better, more informed decisions in the field through quick and easy access to project plans and specifications.

Bradford’s “Go Mobile” service has the capability to bring essential construction documentation to hand-held communication devices for immediate access and referral when needed.  Plans and specifications reviews are no longer limited to the office, and layout designs can be seen and checked in the field, using “Go Mobile.”






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