SUNY Maritime Baylis Hall and Plaza

As part of Bradford Construction Corporation's construction management services agreement with the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York (DASNY), Bradford was asked to analyze various deficiencies associated with the exterior masonry rehabilitation project at the State University of New York (SUNY) Maritime College's Baylis Hall and turn the project around using the existing contractor. Bradford expedited this process by arranging a "meeting of the minds" among the client, contractor and subcontractors to transform the project into an emergency operation without altering the original intent of the contract.

Bradford's efforts resulted in the implementation of numerous safety features into the new project plan. Project team members paid close attention to site safety by adhering to a newly submitted site safety plan, following a practical recovery schedule, maintaining quality control procedures and working additional hours including weekends.

The windows on the façade had to be protected, so dust aprons were used to prevent the interior space from becoming an unworkable environment. A full-time site safety officer was hired to ensure that scaffolding was safely draped with netting and properly planked with toe boards, and that intermediate stairs were erected to lead from one level to another.

Bradford selected an experienced superintendent and, together with the company's support staff, restructured the sequence of activities and got the project successfully back on schedule. Meetings were held regularly and the client was informed daily about the progress of the work. Especially satisfy to all was that the project was completed a month ahead of time.







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