New York City School Construction Authority Construction Management Services for Mentor Program

Bradford Construction Corporation For more than 15 years Bradford has provided construction management and diversity consultant services to the NYCSCA in various joint venture partnerships for the Authority's Capital Improvement Program/Mentor Program. The mission of this Program is to increase, facilitate and encourage the participation and boost the skills of MWSBEs and locally based enterprises by providing a flexible framework for eligible firms to develop and grow within the construction industry, which will foster the establishment of stable, long term business relationships.

The Mentor Program provides not only construction dollars but also:

  • Technical assistance and training
  • General business, organizational and personnel skills development;
  • Marketing and business development
  • Fast track payment systems
  • Job experience opportunities

This is a $33 million program, with individual projects costing up to $1M. Bradford provides supervision and client-liaison expertise while assisting contractors with the pre-construction, construction and post-construction phases of projects. Bradford field personnel work closely with mentoree contractors, assisting them with and overseeing design reviews, site inspections, safety matters, quality control, document control, RFI and change-order reviews, and close-outs. Bradford’s management staff also evaluates the contractors' performance and has made appropriate recommendations to the NYCSCA. Additionally, Bradford has prepared the class work for pre-construction, cash flow, bidding strategies and project management courses. Bradford has used its own technical staff as lecturers in the program.







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