New York Technical Assistance Team

Bradford Construction Corporation in association with the Jamaica Business Resource Center (JBRC) and NobleStrategy initiated the New York Technical Assistance Team (NYTAT) under the auspices of DASNY’s Office of Opportunity and Program Services (OOPS) for downstate contractors. NYTAT offers participating contractors many useful services for understanding the DASNY bidding process and for performing work for DASNY.

This program assists contractors by providing pre-award and post-award consultation services, technical services and plan rooms to review blueprints and building documents.

NYTAT supports minority- and women-owned businesses, which NYTAT holds as critical building blocks in the creation and expansion of business and job opportunities. NYTAT regards this support as central to a broader strategy that supports the economic growth and stability of MWSBEs.

Basic NYTAT Method:
NYTAT assesses MWSBE clients for contracting opportunities beginning with a client meeting with a team business advisor. This initial session is to ascertain important information about the client that will eventually inform strategy development. The client is queried to determine the needed level of support, if the client is certified and/or licensed, their financial status, bonding and insurance capacity, contract capacity, years in business and safety record. After the session, the advisor can determine what direction to take with this client. One of the next steps may be to perform a client site visit to get a first-hand view of how business is conducted and to evaluate operational quality. In the case of construction clients, it may be necessary to visit a job site to evaluate safety procedures. The goal of this process os to assist building the capacity and capability of participating contractors.







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