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The New York City Department of Small Business Services (“SBS”) awarded to Bradford Construction a contract to develop a Construction Mentorship Program (“CMP”) under which the Bradford will “mentor” New York City-certified M/WBE construction companies so they learn and improve on the skills necessary to take on larger and more complex City construction projects. Bradford will work with firms that have been prescreened and/or prequalified by those City Construction Agencies participating in this CMP. This includes firms which are approved through a Prequalified Vendor process, or are selected from a City Agency’s portfolio of construction clients. Bradford will be responsible for meeting with each participating firm individually and conducting a needs assessment to determine the capacity of each firm. Based on the assessment,

Bradford will provide a personalized growth plan to each participating firm, complete with action items designed to increase the firm’s capacity. The assessment will be used to inform the firm of other appropriate programs and services. Bradford will provide such firms with assistance in organizational development, course training and field management services.








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