Moynihan Station : AA/EEO Compliance

Bradford provides Affirmative Action/ Equal Employment Opportunity (AA/ EEO) compliance services to the Moynihan Station Development Corporation for the reconstruction of the James A. Farley Building, U.S. Postal Service, and for the new Pennsylvania Station project, Phase 1. The project’s first phase includes the expansion and enhancement of the 33rd Street Connector between Pennsylvania (Penn) Station and the West End Concourse, which lies under the grand staircase of the Farley Post Office building on Eighth Avenue; the extension and widening of the West End Concourse to serve nine of Penn Station's 11 platforms; new vertical access points and passenger circulation space; and entrances into the West End Concourse through the 31st and 33rd Street corners of the Farley building. Phase 1 is slated for completion during 2016.

Bradford is monitoring AA/EEO rules and regulations for minority- and women-owned business enterprise (M/WBE) contractors’ participation in the project.

Bradford's responsibilities include generating monthly employment utilization reports, M/WBE subcontractor and supplier monthly income Affirmative Action reports, monthly payment statements, and contractors’ M/WBE utilization plan reports, among other requisite AA/EEO documentation.  In addition, Bradford’s Affirmative Action Officer (AAO) visits job sites to confirm compliance with all AA/EEO rules and regulations, and reviews and evaluates all project compliance issues.







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