Miami-Dade County Public Schools Community Workforce Pilot Program

Bradford Construction Corporation collaborated with the Miami-Dade County Public Schools District to create The Community Workforce Pilot Program to enhance construction job opportunities for area residents while advancing the district's commitment to local labor and resources to build new schools.

The Program was designed to achieve the following goals for Miami-Dade:

  • Create a school district inclusive of community-based workforce and skill development programs that enhance local job prospects.
  • Implement a sustainable program for long-term employment connected to the school capital building plan and beyond.
  • Help community residents to improve skills to obtain better jobs and benefits.
  • Communicate the school district's commitment to utilize local resources to build new schools.
  • Build and foster a partnership between Miami-Dade County School District and local communities.
  • Meet the needs of the construction and business industry investing in Miami's workforce.

The Program began with a Leadership Breakfast followed by a Job Fair for the general community.

Major gains for the school district included promotion of district values through closer ties to the local community, participation in a $3.7 billion program to renovate schools' infrastructure, and a new leadership role building Miami's workforce and developing careers. Residents of the community received assistance to develop a skill-set in the building trades conducive to long-term career opportunities. Local businesses gained by realizing a larger, more qualified pool of skilled employees.







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