Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center (LMCCC)
Opportunity Downtown Programs

Bradford Construction Corporation was consultant to the Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center (LMCCC) Opportunity Downtown Programs to ensure minority- and women-owned business and worker participation in the rebuilding efforts of the downtown area by coordinating initiatives, reaching out to the public and providing necessary information. Bradford’s efforts helped to achieve these goals and facilitated the participation of MWSBEs through community outreach initiatives and involvement.

Following are some specifics about LMCCC’s methods and services:

Analyze Agency Programs. A matrix was created that identifies similarities and differences in MWSBE programs at all agencies and authorities contributing to the rebuilding effort of Lower Manhattan.

Certification Requirements and Procedures. MWSBE firms must be certified with a minimum of two public agencies or authorities to be eligible to bid on Lower Manhattan building projects. Fast-track certification procedures were launched to support this requirement.

Access to Capital, Bonding and Insurance. MWSBEs were assisted to identify capital bonding and insurance requirements for Lower Manhattan projects. Loan and bond pre-qualification programs were created to aid MWSBE firms to get necessary financing.

Establish a Mentor Curriculum. A mentor/protégé program for MWSBE firms was established to encourage their growth and development and facilitate opportunities for them in Lower Manhattan.

Procurement Opportunities. MWSBE firms were encouraged to participate in the Lower Manhattan procurement process.

Address Discrimination and Barriers to Participation. LMCCC’s contract compliance unit monitored and assured labor policy requirements and compliance with Executive Order 50, Coordinated Construction Act Local, Law 129, Article 15A and all other applicable legislation and government policies that cover Lower Manhattan.

Contract Compliance. Contract compliance was assured through regular monitoring and with compliance vs. non-compliance reports; non-compliance firms were offered assistance.

Reporting Mechanisms. Rigorous reporting and record-keeping methods were established to monitor the progress of MWSBEs participation in downtown rebuilding efforts and to identify and assess MWSBE contractors' participation and progress toward reaching goals.

Workforce and Labor/Apprenticeship/Union Transition Programs. Apprenticeship programs to widen recruitment of minorities, women and veterans returning from war for Lower Manhattan projects were created, with outreach to organizations/programs such as Helmets to Hardhats and Non-Traditional Employment for Women.

Community Outreach/Networking. Multi-language events in each borough were organized that focused on "How To Do Business In Lower Manhattan." .







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