Commodore Barry Elementary School

Bradford Construction Corporation is the construction manager of this new K through 8 elementary school construction project in Philadelphia. The Commodore Barry School is designed for 646 students and is being constructed at the site of the old school building destroyed by fire. The structure is four stories with a total of 104,335 sq. ft. The project is LEED Certified at the Silver Level (33-38 points).

As the CM, Bradford was responsible for immediate and measureable impact on the buildings' performance. A maximum use of daylight, energy and water efficiency, maximum use of quality indoor air and reduced light pollution were considered for the construction of this project. Recycled materials were used, heat island effect mitigated, light pollution reduced, and construction waste recycled.

The new school building houses two pre-kindergarten classrooms, three kindergarten classrooms and three 1st- through 8th-grade classrooms – 24 classrooms in total. Other spaces in the building will be for special education, Family Life Management, small group and multiple H/C classrooms, an art, music, science library (IMC), a kitchen, a multipurpose room accommodating a cafeteria and auditorium, a gymnasium and school administration offices. Mechanical equipment will be installed at the basement level and on the roof.

The project is currently in closeout phase.







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