Bronx Children's Psychiatric Center Roof Replacement

Bradford Construction Corporation oversaw pre-construction and construction activities as the construction manager for this project. The pre-construction phase included a thorough analysis of the existing roof and probes, and a moisture test, cost estimate, design review and review of site safety requirements. Since the building was fully occupied during the construction phase, extra attention was given to the development of the site safety plan and the daily precautions needed to operate a safe and acceptable work area.

The construction phase included sensitive and thorough asbestos abatement immediately followed on the same day by the installation of mechanically fastened Perma Ply 28 with one-ply vapor barrier material, thereby ensuring that the building would be water tight. The construction system was carefully coordinated to avoid interrupting the daily operations of the facility.

The scope of work also included the repair and replacement of roof drains, the installation of cap flashing, roofing insulation, and additional three-ply membrane system and aggregate.

The roof replacement project was approximately 60,000 sq. ft.







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