Institute for Basic Research - Cooling Tower Replacement

Bradford Construction Corporation was selected by DASNY to manage the removal of the existing cooling tower and replacing it with a new tower.

The cooling tower project scope of work included removal and disposal of the existing tower, removal of stainless-steel exterior panels for reuse, new retaining walls, floor slab, pre-fabricated stairs and new aluminum deck plates. Further mechanical work included removal of a 14-inch Y strainer and exterior piping, and installation of two 450-ton nominal capacity cooling towers. The tower incorporates a stainless steel sump and fill, new fan motor, new piping and electrical connections and controls. The new cooling tower was connected into the existing piping.

New VFD controls were installed, and concrete retaining walls and a concrete slab were installed in addition to existing concrete piers. Landscaping and architectural fencing also were placed.







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