Institute for Basic Research - Roof Replacement and Asbestos Abatement

Bradford Construction Corporation was selected by DASNY to be construction manager for a partial roof replacement and associated asbestos abatement project for the Institute for Basic Research. This project required that Bradford supervise three prime contractors: HVAC/plumbing, electrical and general. The operation included the removal of existing roofing systems on the penthouse, tower, clinic and multi-purpose wing roofs. Additionally, Bradford managed the installation of approximately 40,000 sq. ft. of new roofing that included a cold-applied modified bitumen system, and a fluid-applied membrane system. Also new roof drains, a new roof railing and new lightning protection systems were installed, and deteriorated concrete was repaired.

Work on the roofing system of the multi-purpose wing incorporated new ductwork with 11 ceiling cabinet unit heaters and associated controls and piping, a new exhaust fan, a new suspended acoustical ceiling, a new power panel and new lighting.

Asbestos was removed from an area of approximately 21,000 sq. ft. that included the first-floor multi-purpose wing, restrooms and a corridor above the ceiling, sprayed-on fireproofing material, sidewalk sheds and asbestos-containing roof materials.







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