Bradford Construction knows the importance of scheduling, as it is a critical element of any successfully managed construction project. Construction scheduling successfully manages and controls the project’s time, and ultimately the budget. Bradford offers the client a complete range of scheduling from inception of the project to occupancy.

A construction schedule should always reflect the actual sequence of work and be realistic. Actual progress should be compared to the base-line schedule on a regular basis. Techniques, such as short interval scheduling and critical path analysis, can help avoid delays and make up lost time if necessary.

The three basic elements of a project, Quality, Cost and Time should be consistent and balanced with the owner’s goals in order to have a successful project. Once the goals of the project are established the scheduling becomes the means for managing the time component of the project.


During the implementation phase it is essential to manage the project so that the original project schedule is followed as closely as possible. In case of delays, the schedule is usually used to determine if the delay can be recouped. The evaluation should consider if the recovery plans impact the cost or the quality of the project. The goal of the schedule is to keep a close balance between Quality, Cost and Time.

Various tools during the different phases of the project are utilized to assist in the scheduling effort:

 Master Schedule
 Design Schedule
 Preliminary Construction Schedule
 Master Construction Schedule
 Initial Contract Schedule
 Contract Schedule
 As-Built Schedule
 Occupancy Schedule



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