Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Quality is integral to every work product. To provide assurance to clients, as well as to employees that all projects undertaken are organized and executed according to high professional and ethical standards, Bradford maintains and operates a formal Quality System. The Quality System addresses all phases of Project evolution, from the proposal preparation through project start-up to project closeout. The objectives of the Quality System are to ensure that projects are performed professionally, correctly, completely, and cost-effectively and that we completely satisfy client needs and objectives. The Quality System consists of:

  • Quality Manual
  • Quality Procedures
  • Project Quality Control Plans (PQCP)

Quality Manual

The Quality Manual describes the overall quality system and the policies governing the acquisition and execution of projects. The quality procedures define the requirements for performance of specific activities. The quality procedures apply to all operations. Where additional performance requirements are applicable only to a particular technical discipline, they are recorded in the quality procedures of that discipline. At the onset of a project, the quality procedures may be augmented by additional, project-specific procedures that address unique or special requirements of the contract.

Project Quality Control Plan (PQCP)

The Quality System also establishes requirements for project quality through the required use of a PQCP has overall project responsibility for implementing comprehensive and appropriate quality requirements and thus forms the foundation of the Quality System. No deliverable is released or officially transmitted without a quality review. The PQCP is tailored to the specific requirements of the is contract and has  the following elements:

  • Project scope of work and list of deliverables
  • Project team, including sub consultants and QC responsibilities of each
  • QC responsibilities and budgets for QC efforts
  • Special project procedures, if different from the quality procedures contained in the quality system
  • Surveillance and review requirements for work done
  • Review requirements and schedules
  • Design reviews
  • Review of specifications
  • Constructability review
  • Internal reviews of reports and correspondence
  • Change control procedures
  • Approval processes for project deliverables
  • Document and data control system requirements

The documented Quality System, reinforced by training and internal auditing, provides maximum assurance that the project will be executed effectively and thoroughly checked to be free of errors and omissions.


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