Bradford Construction considers the cost component of a project the most important aspect, if not the most visible. Budget compliance is a basic necessity for a credible and successful project. BCCestimating group, comprised of experienced estimators, works closely with the design team to develop complete accurate budgets.

In addition to developing complete project estimates, our cost estimating services include reviewing cost loaded CPM schedules, evaluating value engineering proposals, preparing independent cost evaluations on change orders and assisting with change order negotiations.

Typically, the cost estimates can be broken down as follows:

Cost Model and Estimate – is an organized breakdown of the project budget into logical, identifiable and track able parts. These models are typically be defined by areas, building systems, CSI divisions, funding source or any combination of these.



Conceptual Estimate – is utilized during master planning, programming or budgeting stages of new construction. Estimators review the program, site conditions and use the cost models as well as construction costs of similar projects to prepare an estimate. The level of this estimate is general and base on cost per square foot. For budgeting, site plans, available sketches, floor plans, elevation sections and outline specifications are used to prepare a more detailed estimate in System or CSI format.

Schematic Design Estimate – Is prepared from schematic documents and is more quantitative and detailed than the conceptual estimate. Quantities are developed from plans and specifications and estimator’s assumptions. Based on the level of document detail, contingencies are revised. At this level, System and/or CSI formats are used.

Design Development Estimate – is prepared from plans and specifications detailed enough that all quantities can be developed. At this level, detailed material, labor, equipment unit costs can be used, And CSI format is preferred.

Construction Documents Estimate – is the final detailed estimate before the start of the bidding process, it can be prepared at different levels of construction document completion (i.e., 60%, 75%, 90). Detailed material, labor, equipment unit costs should be utilized. Contingencies are reduced to a minimum if not totally eliminated. CSI format is preferred at this level.






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