Constructability Reviews are an integral part to providing trouble free projects. Bradford Construction approaches the constructability review as a comprehensive review of the plans and specifications with focus on constructability, bid ability, maintainability and efficiency of construction. Our reviews bring to the forefront any potential problems in some of the following areas:

  • Rationale of work sequences
  • Coordination of documents between design disciplines
  • CPM scheduling and adequacy of procurement lead time
  • Site Logistics / Adequacy of Access

Significant cost savings and reductions in construction time change orders can be accomplished through a properly conducted and executed constructability and review. During the constructability review we address:

  • Consistency, clarity and completeness of the bid documents and specifications
  • The applicability, enforceability and comprehensiveness of the general conditions
  • The applicability of construction technology, methodology and/or materials
  • The correspondence between site conditions and plans
  • Timely identification of project specific issues and their ramifications

BCChas developed standards for the technical review of project designs. These standards assist the reviewer in achieving the desired objectives as well as provide the client with the most complete and effective construction documents.






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